• Sera Rivers

When Things Don't Work

“I wish to weep
but sorrow is stupid.
I wish to believe
but belief is a graveyard.”
—Charles Bukowski

Apparently, many of my issues with this blog will be ongoing, as there seems to be no solution at the moment (this coming from the technical people. I wish I had known this before I paid for this site and spent many hours setting it up. But this post is not about me ranting....

I am going to have to pause on the birthday give-a-ways for now until I can find a better system. I may just have to move my site to another host. I need to look into my options.

But for now... The winner of Rainbow Rowell's ARC of Landline is Trudy Knowles. She was the first to comment and sometimes the early bird does get the worm. Plus, her "dimes" story is just so great. Here it is:

"My symbol is a dime. Dimes began appearing in my life shortly after my daughter's best friend died in 2001. They have appeared in the lives of many of this young man's friends. They came frequently to me in the first two years after he died. Now they seem to appear when I need them most (when one of my kids is going through problems, when my grandson is struggling). They tell me it's going to be okay. If a dime appears, I pick it up and put it on the window sill or floor board near to where I found it. I have piles of dimes throughout my house." —Trudy Knowles

Trudy email me your mailing address so that I can send you your book.

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