About Me

Life without words is

death without heaven

Sera Rivers is a freelance editor and YA novelist. She launched Avenue A Books, a children’s graphic novel imprint from Center for Responsive Schools. As Avenue A’s acquiring editor, she worked with new and established children’s book writers and illustrators on a work-for-hire basis from concept to publication. Sera holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Children from Simmons College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing/Journalism Studies from UMass. She is an active member of SCBWI and was co-chair of the 2017-2018NESCBWI Spring conferences. Sera’s interests include writing YA novels that incorporate historical figures/events into current societal issues. Her YA Memoir THE WICKED ONES won the 2016 PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award.

Her current YA project: 

THE WICKED ONES (based on a true story)—Growing up in a fundamentalist religion, Sarah Waters has been taught that people outside the Truth are wicked and will be killed at Armageddon by God’s army. Her dad has always promised that as long as she believes—and obeys—she will be protected from God’s wrath. But at fourteen years old, Sarah learns she's guilty until proven innocent when her friend falsely accuses her of having sex. Sarah gets banished from her congregation, and her dad shuns her despite living in the same house. She fears she will be punished for her sins, just like her older brother who was killed in a car crash after leaving the religion. Sarah descends into Sarai—a self-destructive misfit who uses alcohol, drugs, and promiscuous sex to drown out the screaming voices of indoctrination in her head. When Sarai gets pregnant at sixteen, she realizes she must learn how to take control and create a better life for her and her baby before she meets her self-fulfilling prophecy..